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We use ""Japan Post (EMS)"as our main shipping company. However some countries are currently suspended due to Cov. 19. Please check here to see your country is still in operation before order.

US and Australia are currently suspended. (10th Sep.2020) We can use DHL as alternative shipping method. However the cost of shipping will be around three time higher than Japan post. But If you need some parts, please let us know.

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My s800 is now for sale at here.
Brake Pistons : Brake (14/Nov/2019)
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Hi Everybody,

The new site has been launched!

Thank you for those who have been waiting for the re-opening sale.

The new shopping cart will display the overall payments automatically.

The shipping & handling charges are also automatically calculated in the system.

I hope you enjoying to visit this site.

Re : What type of my s800 ?

If you are not sure about your model, please refer inquiry > info tab at top.
Now you understand what I 'm talking about early s800, s800 Mk-II....


Ricky Nagata

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